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RENT ME LOVE ME… founded in 2014 in Akrotiri village on the island of Santorini, Greece, aims at offering highly secure rental services of cars motorbikes and four wheelers all over the island. We called it rent me love me because we love our job.

All of our two and four-wheeled vehicles for hire are brand new, clean and in perfect condition, always checked by experienced mechanics
and ready to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Our rental company in Santorini managed to be competitive since day one, earning our clients’ trust along with a significant portion in scooter and quad rentals on the island. What is of great importance is that our staff consists of professionals who love their job.

Efficiency is what we strive for, which, along with politeness, patience and friendliness are the key elements of our company.
To prove so, we, ourselves, deliver the requested vehicle to the place of stay of our clients so that they will not lose even a single minute of their vacation.

Moreover, our rental rates are the best in the market on Santorini without hidden charges.

One more reason for our success is the excellent condition of our cars atvs and scooters in Santorini so they don’t become a problem for holiday-takers.

For all the above reasons we deliver you the exact model that you want directly at your hotel or at the port and the airport

We will be glad to provide our services to you in the future and to deliver the vehicle of your choice directly where you want it with the best Cooperation

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Our people are here to assist you in all your travel needs. Please contact us today and book the trip of your life!